Music in Nature - Women's Institute of Houston

September-October, 2017

The Women's Insitute of Houston

From torrential downpours to quiet walks in the garden, generations of composers have been inspired by Mother Nature in all her forms. Oboes become ducks, flutes become birds, the timpani rolls thunder, cymbals crash with lightening, and the plucking of stings becomes the patter of rain all in service of composers trying to capture a snapshot of nature to bring itno the concert hall. This class will examine a wide range of masterpieces created in honor or fear of the natural world, including Beethoven’s iconic Symphony No. 6, “Pastoral,” Mendelssohn’s tone poem The Hebrides, Britten’s Sea Interludes, Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite, Strauss Jr. Thunder and Lightening Polka, and more. Don't forget your galoshes!